Embassy Tea House
195-205 Union Street, London SE1 0LN

Where office space meets hospitality

Fully managed offices, ready to be customised to suit your company’s brand, culture, and identity.
Embassy Tea House combines the true spirit of a warehouse working environment with a premium Managed Office service. Excellent natural light, iconic crittall windows and historic features make for an immersive working environment. The ground floor is entirely made over to meeting rooms and break-out areas, while each of the upper floors is provided with your company’s choice of furniture, fitout and dedicated IT services.
Own private space
Beautifully refurbished to a high design specification
Offices fitted out to compliment the building’s historic architectural style and details
  • Your own self-contained floor
  • LED linear lighting
  • 24/7 access
  • Kitchenette
Furniture Fit Out
Create your customised office to fit your companies brand and culture
Our team will help you take the stress out of designing your office so you can enjoy it
  • Your own dedicated design team
  • The fitout managed on your behalf
  • You choose your own fabrics & furniture
  • All curated from our designer ranges
Short Simple Lease
Simple short-form lease at an all-inclusive monthly price
Our simplified lease contract will save you time and costs
  • Simple and easy to understand lease
  • All-inclusive monthly plan
  • Transparent pricing
  • Helps budget your office costs with certainty
Additional services
We provide exceptional service from setting up, to running the day-to-day
Our range of service options allows you to choose the level of support your business requires  
  • Concierge style support
  • Cleaning, maintenance and recycling
  • Occupancy & Environmental Analytics
  • VOIP Telephones
  • Business Mobiles
  • Audio Visual
Building amenities
Our funky and spacious offices will allow you to feel more comfortable
Our building’s amenities are designed to make working convenient and rewarding
  • Receptionist
  • Meeting rooms
  • Video Conferencing
  • Break out spaces
  • Bicycle racks
  • Showers
Superfast internet, App based door access and optional IT support  
Technology services tailored to support whatever your business needs
  • Primary 100MB Connection with 100MB backup line
  • 2x Internet Connections Per office
  • Two diverse fibre routes into the building
  • Fully managed IT support
London latest cultural hotspot: ‘The Cut’ is the heart of a neighbourhood rooted in the 19th century. This bustling street hosts two famous theatres, The Old Vic and The Young Vic, along with pubs, restaurants, convenient stores, and cultural activities.
The hidden gem ‘Old Union Yard Arches’ is also nearby, playing host to more restaurants, theatres, a cultural space and an aerial fitness school. Southwark is where history and culture make for the future.
Borough Market was first mentioned in the 1270s and throughout history has been a place of bustling activity: so much so it was temporarily abolished by an Act of Parliament in 1754. Legend has it William Shakespeare, who was living in Southbank, took his meals here. From the 1960s, the market suffered from the relentless growth of the Supermarket.
Its resurgence has seen Borough Market return to its roots of artisan food, with its range of gourmet fare almost unequalled. So, if you would like to get inspiration for your afternoon’s meeting, like the greatest playwright was want to do, or if you just fancy eating the best fish and chips in the neighbourhood, Borough Market is the place to be.
Southwark village has been a strategic point on the approach to London since 43 CE, when the Romans built a bridge to served as the key crossing point of the Thames. Subsequently, the borough developed into a market town, and from the 15th Century, Southwark became famous for its inns, theatres, spas and other places for recreation.
Currently, the community perpetuates this tradition as a place where your can find unique and exciting bars and pubs. From Karaoke to Cuban bars, Southwark is a great place to unwind after work.
While the Old Vic Theatre stands famed by its history, its name has been as changeable as its performances. Originally founded in 1818 as the Royal Coburg Theatre it took until later in the 1880’s to settle on its now famous name. Severely damaged during the blitz in 1940 it was reopened in 1951 and now plays a leading part in London’s theatre scene.
In 1946, the Young Vic Theatre, was created as an offshoot of the Old Vic Theatre. It’s purpose was to ‘develop plays for a younger audience’. And it continues to be a falcrum for theatrical innovation in London. Both theatres play a significant role in the dynamism and energy of Southwark, continuing the legacy of our great bard and affording you the opportunity of an exceptional evening with your colleagues and clients!
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Embassy Tea House
195-205 Union Street, London SE1 0LN
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